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Natural Childbirth IN THE GORGE
Prenatal, labor & delivery, and/or postpartum care

Many women desire more personal care with a natural approach to pregnancy than physicians can sometimes provide in a traditional medical model. I provide both complete comprehensive maternity care to include all aspects around your delivery, or personalized care solely in your prenatal and/or postpartum periods (either as a stand-alone, or complementary to your physician).

Complete comprehensive midwifery care:

This includes all aspects of your maternity care: prenatal, labor & delivery, newborn and the postpartum period.

Prenatal care:

Prenatal care that compliments and/or expands your hospital-based provider experience for those wanting an increase in personal time and attention; as well as exploring natural approaches to pregnancy. This includes labor prep strategies from a midwifery perspective.

Postpartum care:

Care specific to the postpartum period for those desiring an approach of healing and integration from a midwifery model perspective.

Monatrice & Doula Services

Monitrices and doulas offer a wide range of services to a mother during labor, delivery, and immediately postpartum. It is important to interview your labor support person to see if her skills match what you desire for your labor and delivery.

Not many mothers are familiar with what a monitrice does, but this person is a wonderful addition to a labor support team. Monitrices are usually either midwives who also sometimes act as labor support or RNs who are also trained as doulas.

Monatrices not only provide labor support but, because we have clinical training, we also perform some limited clinical tasks during labor that are helpful in monitoring a woman’s progress. These may include tasks such as determining cervical dilation and checking your baby’s heart rate.

The mothers who may benefit the most from a monitrice over a doula are usually those who wish to labor for a long time at home and who are not comfortable assessing when to travel to the hospital or birth center (or who want to wait until they are close to delivering before going in), or those moms who wish to have a homebirth but don’t want to call the midwife too early.

Lab Tests

I offer lab services for testing during your prenatal, postpartum or newborn periods. Services include specimen collection (i.e. blood draw, etc.) and test ordering.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Limited CST treatments available. Contact me to discuss in further detail.

Postpartum Herbal Bath Treatment

Therapeutic candlelight herbal bath in large soaking tub followed by linen wrap. A time to be pampered, refresh and mark the celebration of your next stage in motherhood.

Limited Ultrasound Scans (coming soon!)

Ultrasound imaging available to suit your purposes. Perhaps you want to see your little one, visualize his/her heartbeat, determine position (if your baby’s head is facing ‘down’, or if he is sitting in a breech position), determine gender, you need a biophysical profile (BPP) to assess baby, check amniotic fluid, etc. Coming soon to our local Carson area!


Offering a wide variety of supplements. Check for a ‘locals’ discount offer sometimes available. Contact me for details.

Additional Services
Birth Tub Rentals

We are pleased to offer the Birth Pool in a Box Eco Professional. This pool is one of the best on the market today with unique features such as a built-in seat and adjustable height. This is the first FDA-approved hospital grade birth pool, and it offers an extensive array of features. See images below and view the video for more details. Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International, endorses this pool. 

Water volume at 80% filled is 127 US gallons
Weight when filled is 1,071 lbs plus weight of mother
External max dimensions: 65” x 57”
Internal max dimensions: 45” x 37”
Depth of water: Min 18”; Max 22”
Inflated floor
Integrated cup holder
Disposable liner
Built-in seat
Adjustable height
Sturdy sides can support weight of seated or leaning person(s)

Rental Details
Our Rental Service Includes ($150):
·      Delivery and Pick-up (Within 25 mile radius. Additional charge > 25 miles)
·      Birth Pool In A Box Eco Professional
·      Electric Air Pump
·      MyAnchor resistance strap for mom’s use in labor and/or pushing
·      Submersible water pump (for draining pool if desired)
·      Net for removing particles from pool during labor

Birth Pool Liner (required for use of tub) – $48

Drain  & Cleanup Service (optional) – $75
If you prefer to forego draining, cleaning and packaging the pool, we offer an additional service to do this for you. This means less stress and more time for you to enjoy your precious new baby. I will discretely drain and clean up, usually in about 45 minutes or less.

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