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My Approach

Individualized Care with Purpose

My philosophy rests in the understanding that God created the female body equipped to bear children. Pregnancy and childbirth are normal life processes; and yet every aspect of pregnancy, birth and lactation is no less than a miracle.

Birth is not a one size fits all approach. Each suggestion I make for your care is a discussion, not a dictate. Medical freedom is an enduring value for me, both in my own life, and in my practice. It is you, the woman, who must actively give birth. I am there to make sure the conditions are safe and right, so that you can birth in freedom and beauty.

My desire at Columbia Gorge Midwifery (CGM) is to build a community of strong, healthy families – one miraculous birth at a time. I am committed to listening, encouraging, educating and respecting each growing family as we build relationship.

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